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Strange title for an article about land in the desert. Well, we’ve titled it Land Ahoy because we finally spotted land after what seems like an eternity out to sea – sometimes drifting, sometimes trying to withstand the storms. This appears to us to be the direction God is leading. Bob George, real estate broker and developer of most of the land in the Red Rock and Rancho Haven area, shares our vision and dream and has brought to our attention an estimated 30-acre site as the ideal place to build the teen ranch – no immediate neighbors and plenty of BLM land so that teens can stretch their legs. When working with our surveyor and asking for an exact legal location, he said, “Oh, it’s about a half-mile from nowhere.” But really the site is about five miles east of Rancho Haven and five miles north of the Animal Ark, (if you’ve been there) as the crow flies. A short 45-minute drive from Reno. The land houses a spring that has a wonderful flow for this time of year and the purchase of water rights is looking pretty good. Also, we plan to drill for a well and we are assured there is plenty of water there. Marv told Bob, “It’s weird that we have a spring on the property overflowing with water that we still have to buy.” You go figure. “On a recent Saturday, early morning,” says Marv, “Aaron and I were out scouting the land. Rounding a bend, we spotted two small herds of antelope resting and grazing just off the side of the road. Soon after we saw a herd of wild horses just a short distance from us. As we got closer, they bailed in the opposite direction, Aaron said ‘They saw your cowboy hat and figured they better get a move on before they find a rope around their necks and a saddle on their backs.’ Still walking the property, we saw a large mule deer climbing a nearby mountain.” What an awesome experience for our future young people. Most of them have never been off of concrete. We’ve decided to purchase the land and trust and pray that it will be able to meet our needs. Please pray with us for wisdom, guidance, and direction as we move through this process. Please ask God to make a way for us through all the red tape and that we would find favor with those who make decisions regarding our future. We will need a special use permit in order to utilize this land for our purposes.