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Our Partners

Sierra Nevada Teen Ranch depends on volunteer help. We are delighted that you are interested in partnering/volunteering. Your service is a blessing!

Check out our many partnership/volunteer opportunities to help Rescue, Redeem and Restore young lives!

If you see an opportunity that you would like to help us with, please contact Marvin Neal, our Executive Director, by phone at (775) 475-9255 or email at marvinn@sntr.org.

Partnership Opportunities

  • Advisory Board: Individuals who will, on occasion, be able to supply help and services in the following areas: Long-term Financial Planning, Alternative energy sources for off-the-grid living, Counselors/therapists who work with youth and their families, Nevada Licensed Contractors.
  • Board Member: We are a working board and would appreciate additional members with new insight and fresh ideas.
  • Financial Promoters: A group of individuals willing to commit to help financially on a regular basis and willing to campaign for, and with us to fulfill our mission.
  • Support Team: A team of folks committed to helping with our fundraising efforts through involvement in brainstorming and planning events, selling tickets (raffle & event tickets), soliciting for raffle prizes, door prizes, as well as worker bees on the day of an event to assist with registration, set-up, clean-up, cooking, modeling, hosting booths, and tables, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities

Listed below are some opportunities for you to serve:

  • Prayer: For wisdom, direction, team development, and finances. This is so important to us. We depend on God’s provision and guidance for the continued effectiveness of the Ranch.
  • Schedule a speaking engagement: Share the Sierra Nevada Teen Ranch mission by scheduling a speaking engagement for one of our Board Members to speak to your church or civic organization.
  • Support the Sierra Nevada Teen Ranch as a beneficiary in your will: Gifts and bequests of all sizes are welcome.
  • Fund a specific need: We continually update a list of specific needs and projects that require funding above and beyond our operational budget.
  • SNTR Life Skill Program: Volunteer opportunities include trades people, data entry, sales, logistical assistants, acquisitions, and interior designers to help teach life skills to SNTR residents.

Our partners and volunteers have been an integral part of our journey.
To see all who have been and continue to be a part of the journey, click each tab below.

Aguirre, Juan Pablo Faith Colors Glen & Lula Cox Nightingale, Linda Tavares, Alvin & Linda
Allen, Uwana Fernandas, Louise North Reno Kiwanis Club Taylor, John & Renee
Allison, David & Shirley First Baptist Church of Sparks Novello, John C. Thornton, Bret & Ora
Atkin, Janice Fisher, David & Melodie O’Connell, Danny & Tiana Townsell, Audry
Bank of America Folded Wings O’Grady, Phillip & Heather Tribble, Ed & Jeanne
Biselli, Michael & Karen Forbus, James & Dawn Overholser, Farred D. Trudell, Michael S.
Brothwell, Robert & Charlotte Fox, Dixie Pargeon, Mike & Diana Turner, David & Jacci
Callenius, Terry & Debra Frazier, Naomi Potts, Cassie Valdez, Ray
Campbell, Dorothy Fullenwider, John & Deloris Prisuda Trucking LLC Vauk, Cheryl & Ed
Carano, Kimberly I. Furman, Mark & Lori Reich, Barbara Veasley, Jeffrey
Choate, Joseph Gosh, Jim & Lisa; Republican Women of Reno Water Wagons, Ltd.
Clendenan, Connie Rae Groh, Becky Riffel, Joyce Marie Webb, Dianna & Ralph
Clontz, Kenneth & Michelle Harrison, Phil Ronchetti, Mark & Lycia Webb, William C. & Violene
Cooke, Christopher & Deebe Hartpence, Vic & Leanice Ross Manor, LLC Weeden, Dan & Julia
Cross, Maria Irish Capital, LLC (Michael Dermody) Ruiz, Rene & Erin Welchert Family Trust
D’Anconia, Ricc & Janet Jeffrey Dow Photography, Inc. SCF Food Bank Wilson, Gary & Lavinia
Debolt, Ed & Sharron Julie Moss Sexton, Mark P. & Lesley Ann Wilson, Kevin & Clarice
Delyse, Inc. Kaufman, Napoleon Shannon, Rich Wise Consulting & Training
Dermody, Michael Keck, Dennis & Debra Lynn Shaper, Joel H. & Nancy L. Wise, J. Tom & Kathy
Durio, Pamela Lady, Shawn Guard Shaw, James & Stephanie Neill Woolley, Daniel & Mary
El Dorado Resorts, LLC Machen, Les & Virgie Stine, K & P Zuchowski, Steven
Employers Contract AGC McClone, Damaris Stovall, Eric & Lisa  
Erickson, Jan McCormack, Brian & Diane Striker, David A. & Suzanne  
Evans, Lorri & Toby Newman, Daniel & Patricia Sykes, Mike & Margaret  
Baker, Renee & Kevin Gregory, Donald & Jeanne McClish, Laurence R. Sidley, Paul F.
Bringle, Lorri C. & Marshall E. Hayes, Rosemary Mountain Springs Church Smith, John & Lorraine
Brown, Stahley & Marta Hebert Esq., Carl M. Myer, Fred & Victoria Smith, Reed J. & Jennie Plummer
Chase, Shawn Murphy Hebert, Carl National Christian Foundation, Calif. Spanial, Timothy & Kelle
Cladianos, Sandra Investors USA, Inc. (Fred Myers) National Outreach Found- Redlands Spirit Filled Church
Cornell, Kurt & Kristina Isenberg, Duane & Daneen National Outreach Foundation, Inc. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Davis, Lawrence & Angela Johansen Masonry, Inc. Nelson, Deborah United Way of Northern Nevada
Dean, Lorraine R. Kennington, Katherine K. Purkerson, Adora & Scott US Polyco
Deon Flesher Kohl’s Reno Christain Fellowship Valley Teen Ranch
Edwards, Dorothy Latimer, Greg & Nancy Rivera, Jeffrey & VaDonna Wacker, Eric & Jetta
Fabbi, Edmund B. & Shari L. Lawson, Geri Bean Rost, Danny Weatherly, Elise
Foster, Bruce & Sandra Lemay, Eugene & Carla Rowe, Winthrop & Karen White, Valerie & Paul
Giannotti, Dave & Jeanie Link, Richard S. Graham & Associates LLC
Granata, William Macfarlane, Barbara Schaefer Partners L.P.
Graves, John & Jo Nell Mack, Luther Shively, Priscilla
A Voice in the Wilderness George, Robert W. Saxon, Chris & Lorraine
Animal Ark Hiibel, Aaron & Diana Sparks Christian Fellowship
Brown, Michael & Candace Johansen, Roberta & Leif Stewart Title of Northern Nevada
Burgess, Florence Johansen, Roberta, Leif & Paul Triad Enterprises, Inc.
Chase, Brad Neal, Jan & Marvin Western Nevada Supply Co.
Dahl, Dave Nichols, Tom Quick Space
Faith House 2 Palmer, Kenneth & Lidia  
Gardner, Russell & Jane Ray, Elizabeth S.  
Aaron Hiibel Vern Krahn Ken Mckenna Dianne & Pablo Aquirre
Angela & Larry Davis Deon Flesher Kim Carano Pat Wold
Ann Burgess Diana & Mike Pargeon Leroy Manigault Peggy White
Barbara Jones Dorie Starr Linda & Kres Hilts Richard Link
Barbara Witter Dorthy Edwards Loree Daniels Rick Flower
Blair McCoy Elise Weatherly Lorri & Toby Evans Robert George
Bob Unzie Eric & Jetta Wacker Maggie Kerr Roberta & Leif Johanson
Brad Chase Erinn Keri Marvin Neal Roland Valasco
Brian Watts Glenda Cunningham Mary Ann Wilchert Rosean English
Cassie Novello Jane & Russell Gardner Matt Dressler Russell Chase
Chris Saxon Janice Neal Michael Brown Shari & Edmundo Fabbi
Christian Saxon Jeannie & Dave Gianotti Mike Alger Susan Sleeman
Connie Clendenan Jeannie Gregory Mike Beselli Tandra Puentes
Connie McClasland Jeff Veasley Mike Pargeon Timothy Spaniel
Daneen Isenberg John Kilgore Mike Perretti Tina Callahan
Danny Rost John Novello Mist Hoak Tony Poasa
David Dahl Julie Adams Nathan Dupree Trish & Dan Newman
Dawn Overbay Harris Kathy Kennington Nathan Wilson