Personal Development

Rehabilitating youth requires more than incarceration and compliance with rules. Young offenders need to learn the skills that will encourage them to be responsible and accountable for their actions. Research indicates that teaching basic social and life skills enable youth to make better decisions and take control of their lives. Their rehabilitation can only be successful if others involved in the process provide effective intervention. SNTR’s approach is based on the restorative principles of accountability, responsibility and competency.

  • Individual and group counseling will be provided by contracted, certified counselors.
  • Leadership training will help each resident to take charge of various teams and programs. Staff will help show the student how to take the lead on each project and how to take the initiative and the responsibility for the project. Then they will be given the opportunity to pass this learning on to new students in the program.
  • Self-governing programs will be implemented allowing the residents to take part in executing the different rules of the Ranch.
  • Anger Management will teach the students how to control their emotions and channel their energy in positive directions.
  • We are a faith-based Christian organization and will provide an opportunity for students to develop their personal spiritual awareness.  Participation in the spiritual development program is strictly voluntary.