Partner With Us

Looking to partner with Sierra Nevada Teen Ranch? Check out our many Partnership Opportunities to help Rescue, Redeem and Restore young lives during our Building Development Stage!

  • Advisory Board: Individuals who will, on occasion, be able to supply help and services in the following areas: Long-term Financial Planning; Alternative energy sources for off-the-grid living; Counselors/therapists who work with youth and their families; Nevada Licensed Contractors.
  • Board Member: We are a working board and would appreciate some additional
    members with new insight and fresh ideas.
  • Financial Promoters: A group of individuals willing to commit to help financially
    on a regular basis and willing to campaign for us and with us to fulfill our mission:“To Rescue, Redeem, and Restore Young Lives” over the next year.
  • Support Team: A team of folks committed to helping with our fundraising efforts
    through involvement in brainstorming and planning events; selling tickets (raffle &
    event tickets); soliciting for raffle prizes; door prizes; and worker bees on the day of the
    event with registration; set-up; clean-up; cooking; modeling; hosting booths and
    tables, etc.

Volunteer Opportunities

Sierra Nevada Teen Ranch depends on volunteer help. We are delighted you are interested in volunteering at the Ranch, your service is a blessing. To help you choose an upcoming volunteer position, please call Marvin Neal, President at (775) 789-2625 or email him at or click here to sign up to volunteer.

Listed below are some immediate opportunities for you to serve:

  • Prayer: for wisdom, direction, team development and finances. This is so important to us. We depend on God’s provision and guidance for the continued effectiveness of the Ranch.
  • Schedule a speaking engagement: Share the Sierra Nevada Teen Ranch mission by scheduling a speaking engagement for one of our Board Members to speak to your church or civic organization. Contact Marvin Neal at (775) 789-2625 or email him at for more information or scheduling.
  • Support the Sierra Nevada Teen Ranch as a beneficiary in your will: Gifts and bequests of all sizes are welcome. Contact Marvin Neal at (775) 789-2625 to get more information.
  • Fund a specific need: We continually update a list of specific needs and projects that require funding above and beyond our operational budget. Call Marvin Neal at (775) 789-2625 to request a copy of our Ranch needs list.
  • SNTR Life Skill Program: Volunteer opportunities include tradesmen, data entry, sales, logistic assistants, acquisitions and interior designers to help teach life skills to SNTR residents.