Building Site



Location:  Sierra Nevada Teen Ranch, 9240 Bird Springs Road, Reno NV 89510

The residential ranch is located in the rural Bedell Flat area just outside of Reno on 30 acres of land.  Abundant recreation in this beautiful and varied setting will enhance our programs.

1916 Property Boundary Marker

1916 Property Boundary Marker

Off the grid

Being off the grid we will create a self-sustaining environment, utilizing solar & wind energy with a generator back-up. Removing the youth from the hardness of the city to the softness of the land.
first home

The first home will be completed through your tax-deductible donations.  We have acquired the land, water rights and are currently entering the facilities development phase starting with the infrastructure including alternative energy sources and the first residential care home.  Supporting facilities will include a multipurpose building, vocational building, reception/visitors center, athletic field, barns, corral, ropes course, and a pond.  Once we are operational with the first home, we will qualify for a wide variety of grants and foundational giving.

Sierra Nevada Teen Ranch, P.O. Box 14945, Reno NV 89507

FUTURE: Each of 4 groups homes will house up to 10 youth